FTW Hot Sauce

Leveled up hot sauces for good causes!
Made locally in Fort Collins, CO.

More flavors in development. Want to be a taste tester for us? Sign up here!

Lovingly handcrafted in small batches in Fort Collins, CO.

FTW Hot Saucenoun: a culinary cheat code to creatively fortify your favorite foods with more fantastic flavors. A taste-bud tantalizing topping to pique your palate one perfectly picked pepper at a time.

Hot sauce should amplify your food’s flavors, not bury them.

For far too long, hot sauce has been relegated to the job of resuscitating food so tasteless and dead it wouldn’t even get cast in the campiest Zombie flick. We believe that hot sauce should be like Thor: fun, tasteful, both hot and kind. The best hot sauce shouldn’t cover up your food’s flavors—it should enhance them.

Our hot sauce is so good you can put it on ice cream (we’re not kidding).

Most hot sauce is more like Loki. It lies relentlessly, tricking your taste buds with loads of salt and spice—mostly just searing off your precious tastebuds while you daydream of a long, laugh-filled walk on the beach with Tom Hiddleston.

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